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Very good service - punctual and hard working.

Originally posted on: Mybuilder
8th December 2020

Really happy with the job. It was more complicated than I had anticipated but he was still able to complete the job on the day and I'm over the moon! Would recommend.

Originally posted on: Mybuilder
29th November 2020
St Johns Wood

The job was completed and all is fine now, everything working well. Fixed fee for job plus parts so we knew what to expect. Very happy thanks!

Originally posted on: Mybuilder
11th November 2020

Forhad arrived on time and did a very good job with the rad installation. It turned out to be more difficult than initially anticipated so it took almost a day - still he charged a fixed fee as originally quoted. Knowledgeable, neat and friendly.
I was happy to hire Forhad to do another plumbing job which he did with the same top quality.

Originally posted on: Mybuilder
7th November 2020
West Kensington

Forhad arrived on time, quickly located the leak and had it neatly repaired. Due to the nature of the leak, the floor had to be lifted up and concrete digging was required. The total time at work was around 8 hours over 2 days. The initial quote of £250 was changed to £600 due to the digging required. Forhad called me to explain that due to the amount of concrete that had to be removed it would cost £600 and I agreed. I felt it was expensive but he was reliable and did a good job.

Originally posted on: Mybuilder
7th November 2020
West Kensington

Forhad managed to fix the radiators promptly, at the fixed price as agreed. He's also able to fix the sink and shower drain that was flowing very slowly (turned out due to the inefficient drain pipe underneath the tub).

Originally posted on: Mybuilder
28th October 2020

Forhad got the jump done nicely, however did take longer than expected.

Originally posted on: Mybuilder
27th October 2020